B. Learning Styles Skills Test

Reading skills tests form the framework for understanding, analyzing, predicting, manipulating and problem-solving with instructional content.

However, students only process information that they internalize, and the process of internalization relies upon students’ internal models of thought.

Internal models of thought relate to each student’s sensory awareness, and the channels of information that each student just happens to prefer.

Since students acquire all academic knowledge through sight, sound and tactile-kinestetic senses; it makes sense that thinking components relate to these sensory channels.

These sensory channels are referred to as “Learning Styles” and “Multiple Intelligences,” but they are just each student’s favorite method of learning.

Test practice based upon Learning Style preferences just don’t exist, and even if you could purchase these kinds of assessment tools; the materials would be disconnected from your daily curriculum.

The solution for including these crucial practice materials in your learning units is to create them yourself.

Use our Learning Styles Skills template to create relevant practice tests for yourself.

From: Joseph Chmielewski

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