D. Daily Oral Language (DOL)

Short, daily, oral, editing and proofreading tasks are popular with teachers and students because this approach builds students proficiency with a measurable writing skill.

The secret of Daily Oral Language (DOL) lies in side stepping drill, and in avoiding boring, tedious and mind-numbing drill that contain full-page sameness. No wonder that students fail to learn from textbooks…

Another secret if Daily Oral Language is to connect the sentences that are corrected to the curriculum that is being taught. This extends curriculum content and reinforces students’ leaning…unlike the isolated books with isolated DOL sentences that line the shelves of teachers’ supply stores.

Fortunately, fables present an ideal platform for using DOL sentences. And, students can even create DOL sentences that the teacher can edit and share with the class.

Win – Win – Win!

From: Joseph Chmielewski

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