D. Daily Oral Math (DOM)

Daily Oral Math activities enjoy the same benefits as Daily Oral Language (DOL) and Daily Oral Vocabulary (DOV). These are:

  • Quick, Fun, Dynamic student interaction
  • Related to the Curriculum Unit, not unrelated drill
  • Students get active and participate
  • Groups of students can work together, share their solutions and their reasoning
  • Students look forward to the DOM session
  • The activities can be flexible, not the “Same Old, Tired, Boring Same Old”
  • The “How” of the answer (How students developed their answer), is more important than the exact “only one right answer, derived in only one way.” This stimulates divergent thinking and creative problem-solving
  • Problems can connect to content area subjects. For example; science facts about animals or the environment, social studies facts about countries or ancient cities
  • Sizes, shapes, sequences, timelines, distances, statistics, patterns…just about any arithmetic, geometric, statistical or logical problem that relates to the unit can be used

Fables present a wonderful launch pad for developing the Daily Oral Math problems.

And, as soon as the Word Study begins for a unit, students can be encouraged to incubate ideas, problems and solutions that could be selected for use by the entire class.

From: Joseph Chmielewski

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